“This wine is dedicated to my family:to past, present,and future generations;and to everyone that, despite adversity, fights to achieve their dreams”

Raquel Novoa, born into the bosom of a matriarchal family, where wine was, therefore, also the women`s concern.

Albariño variety of grape

Since she was a child she happily took part in all the processes of wine making: the care of the vines,the decision of when to pick the grapes, the treading of the grapes and how not to,the tasting ( enjoying that tasty golden liquid that comes from the first press)

There is little more to say, it is in her blood.

Raquel knew that her destiny was to make wine.She has always made it for her home, for their own consumption following the teachings of more than six generations. The story goes back to her great- great- grandmother,who was born in the land that now harbours the origin of this wine Predestinado. A place called Paradise. These teachings have always been her innate guide, but Raquel was anxious to learn,evolve and revolutionise the wine

The road to here hasn`t been easy, like all good things you have to fight for them,it´s true that if you knew Raquel you will see that she doesn`t lack audacity. So we will resume and go to the crucial moment that her dream starts to take shape.

In the middle of the 2021 harvest

Raquel Novoa is academically trained and in a few years she is working as a winemaker for one of the most prestigious and innovative bodegas in Galicia. Nowadays, it is still her main occupation, now that she shares with this bodega the philosophy of work as well as a passion for vineyards and wine...and has given successful life to an infinite number of vintages that are sold all around the world.

Without ever neglecting her vineyards and bearing in mind her dream of being “Mother of her wines” her vineyards have benefitted from her evolution as a person and as a connoisseur of wines. Now the moment has arrived,this is her story and this is her destiny.Raquel has been converted to “Mother of wines” and Predestinado is the first of them. Happy and always grateful for her vines, she hopes with all her heart, that you like it and enjoy it as much as she does. Cheers!

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