Logotipo Albariño Predestinado

Albariño Rías Baixas

This wine is dedicated to my family,
to past, present and future generations
and to everyone that, despite adversity,
fights to achieve their dreams.

My Paradise

I was born surrounded by wine and I have been in love with this land since I was a child.
When I inherited it from my mother I was the happiest woman in the world. She, like all the women in my family, is a fighter, a visionary, a pioneer in reconverting the family vineyard to varieties of Albariño.
I carried on, and am still carrying on her steps having as a premise, an absolute respect for the grapevine, with nature.
Predestinado is a miracle, a dream come true. This was the moment and the place,it was my destiny...now I am sharing it with you...I hope you like it and that you enjoy it as much as I do after looking after it and seeing it being born. ¡Cheers!

The Grape

In order to have a good wine, you must have a good grape. It makes sense!
It is September 13th and this weekend we are picking the 2021 harvest, when I am among the vines I am invaded by the aroma of wine. It is incredible...you are surrounded by it! I softly pluck a grape from the tip of a bunch. The grape has a sweet skin, with body, I savour it for a while... Thank you. We will have a good wine.


Flavours are in the memories that you have from childhood and the life of each and everyone of us...it is unique.
Predestinado is a wine that grows with time.
Nothing more than opening a bottle and letting it reach room temperature you notice its acidity, it is vital,it is fun, it invites you to carry on drinking...After a while letting it breathe...the acidity softens,still being jovial,it is a wine that overflows with life with each sip,natural, without pretention nor artifice...Delicious! That simple. A little while cold and the sensations change again. Marvellous!
A recommendation:Don`t just buy only one bottle,get more, because within a year ...It will be an exceptional wine!