Predestinado is an Albariño with the Appellation of Origin,Rías Baixas.

Albariño variety of grape

This wine has been bottled in the optimum moment, wishing it to be one of the most appreciated wines from the Rías Baixas. In order to complete its maturation, the 2020 vintage rests for thirty days in the bodega before going on the market

Once a bottle of Predestinado albariño wine has been acquired ,we recommend storing it in a horizontal position,keeping the cork totally wet and in a dry place.

In the middle of the 2021 harvest

With the certainty that Predestinado is an albariño wine that will grow with time. In order to guarantee it being in a perfect state in 4,5,or even 10 years,the quality of the cork has been taken care of to the maximum, which is longer than usual, besides having passed all cork quality controls including the TCA.

Predestinado is an albariño wine perfect for celebrations, we recommend opening it, leaving it to breathe while you set the table and enjoy it with a good temperature and in good company. A wine that invites you to savour it in your mouth, tasting it, being that the typical acid notes of the albariño are not its main characteristic. A wine for conversation,maybe about destiny and drinking it a little bit at a time.

Technical details

  • Variety: 100% albariño
  • Apellation of origin: Rías Baixas
  • Area of production: Lugar de Paraíso - Paradela - Portas
  • Bottles produced: A limited edition of 1200 bottles
  • Bottle capacity: 75 cl.
  • Bottling date: End of August 2021
  • Acidity levels: 6,70
  • Alcoholic strength: 12,50
  • Best before date: Exceptional within a year ,improving until 2025
  • Recommended temperature for consumption: 17 degrees,we recommend chilling it for 4 or 5 hours before consumption

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